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Is Your Contact Form Converting or Diverting Traffic?

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It’s not surprising that a majority of online contact forms actually drive visitors away rather than converting them. Forms that are designed to attract visitors, but often visitors are turned off by them and won’t fill them out.

Just like offline forms of marketing, a potential buyer gets easily put off by a pushy sales person badgering them for information, and the form on your website or landing page can be damaging instead of beneficial. It’s like asking a girl for her phone number right after you have said hello for the very first time. Chances of going on that first date? Slim to none.

Use the same logic when you create contact forms for your digital properties. Instead of asking the standard long list of questions, think about the most critical ones and include only those in the form fields. Ensure first, however, that you have created enough interest and added sufficient value to the visitor’s experience. Without that, it is unlikely that even a single form field such as an email address may get filled out. Your visitors will simply bounce away to other, more compelling sites around the web and may or may not ever return to yours.

Here is an Infographic on best practices in contact forms that offers some quick tips and useful information for a website or a digital marketing campaign. It’s surprising how the smallest and most subtle differences can have the biggest impact on sales and conversion.

In another Infographic about how to optimize contact forms, I found a very valid point about the default “Submit” button reducing conversion! Think about it—how many times have you almost filled out a complete web form and then closed your browser because you simply did not want to get to the point of submission? It’s happens, doesn’t it? Well, it happens to many of us and that’s why we need to avoid using this high-friction word.

What are your analytics reports telling you? Does the page on which your contact form appears have a high bounce rate? That may be a good indication that your form needs revision. You need to reduce the friction areas and tweak the form fields to drive more qualified leads and gain greater conversion.

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